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Company Background
Year established:
Capital Invested:

Plant Area:

HK Office Area:
HK Warehouse area:

Total Staffs:

Monthly Capacity:
USD $250,000 – (HK Company)
USD $3,000,000 (China Factories)
100,000 sq.ft (PCB Factory)
30,000 sq.ft (Assembly Factory)
1,500 sq. ft
1,500 sq. ft
Wing Lung Bank Ltd.
Hong Kong Bank Ltd.
China Bank Ltd.
350 PCB House
300 Assembly House
500,000 sq.ft (PCB Manufactory)
500,000 sq.ft (Assembly Services)

Company Information
Introlines Industrial (HK) Ltd. is s specialized Manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in the PCB industry and assembly Industry.

We can produce fine and accurate PCBs with minimum line wide of 0-1mm and minimum finished holes size of 0.25mm.

So whatever your application requirements, we can product the PCBs to match and meet IPC-A-600 or perfag standard.

As we are also offering full range PCB assembly services for all kinds of electronic products at the manufacturing plant in Dong Guan, China. We provides Chip on Board(COB), Surface Mounted Technology, though holes component assembly as well as casting assembly services.

Best quality, prompt delivery & lowest price are our aims to enable us to be your best partner in business. We believe that Introlines will continue to grow and develop hand in hand with our valuable customers.

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Key Staff
Martin Yung - Marketing Director
Edward Chau - Sales & Marketing Manager
Jennifer Wong - Sales Engineer
Carol Pang - Marketing Secretary
Sammi Cheang - Accounting Manager
May Lee - Customer Services Manager
C.W. Yeung - Customer Services Manager
Tweety Choi - Admin. Officer
Rita Kwok - Shipping Officer

Introlines’s mission is to be a leading PCB & assembly
manufacturer that offers high quality PCBs & assembly
manufacturing at competitive prices with excellent services.

Continuously enhance our core PCB & assembly business
Develop our product portfolio
Pursue select opportunities to expand our activities beyond our PCB & assembly business

Annual Sales Turnover of Introlines

2006 : USD33M
2007 : USD36M
2008 : USD34M
2009 : USD36M
2010 : USD40M
2011 : USD44M
2012 : USD48M
2013 : USD53M
2014 : USD58M (forecast)

* For overseas Market

Organization Chart

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